Symposium on AA History - The Debate Over Special Purpose Groups 

If it sounds weird or nerdy to you, we Rebellious Dogs understand..Yes, it's true: The Fifth Symposium on A.A. History sold out. That's right, even if you wanted to invest an entire weekend listening to speakers presenting their primary research on Alcoholics Anonymous, the Symposium sold out and had to turn people away. We love this stuff even more than our fondness for urn made coffee so we have some content we wish to share with you.

Today, we offer an hour of February 1 to 3, 2019 in Los Altos California - the Saturday 11:00 AM to Noon session - "The Debate Over Special Purpose Groups."

Each session from Symposium-5 had an AA sharing their lived experience on the subject before someone else presents their findings from primary research.

Mily T of San Francisco has a remarkable story about the LGBTQ community in AA, then and now, setting the mood for Joe C's presentation on the chronology of women's, young people's LGBTQ, aboriginal/native North American's atheists/agnostics, doctor's and lawyer's gatherings. We whip through some of the slides that are richest in content so, if you like, pause and read the rest of the slides. If you want a copy of the slides for review, email us. 


Other presentations included Dr. Bob's Letters with Michelle Miriza, GSO archivist, Carrying the Message to Latin America, AA on North American Reservations, AA in san Quentin Prison, Early Group Problems, Bill W's curiosity about the Paranormal and a reenactment of the Rockerfeller Dinner. It was awesome to spend time with filmmakers, journalists, archivists, academics, playwrights, and others who do research AA. We hope the recording gives some idea of what fun it was.

To get MP3s or CDs of any all of the other presentations:

CLICK above to listen and watch the slide show. Click below for audio only. 

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