Bill W film makers and Jackie B from AA History Symposium Ep. 45 

Rebellion Dogs Radio #45 goes back to California for The Fifth A.A. History Symposium from the San Francisco Bay Area February 1-3, 2019.

Welcome to Rebellion Dogs Radio Episode 45.

Rebellion Dogs Radio is a contemporary look at recovery from addiction, now with less dogma and more bite. Our focus on our April 2019 episode will be the second episode devoted to the Fifth Symposium on A.A. History, held February 1, 2 and 3, 2019 in San Altos at El Retiro San Inigo, a Jesuit monetary/retreat center. 

Click to listen to stream Rebellion Dogs Radio #45 with our guests: Filmmakers Dan Carracino and Kevin Hanlon along with writer/director/researcher, Jackie B.


Dan Carracino & Kevin Hanlon co-produced and directed the Emmy-winning PBS documentary film Bill W: The Creative Force Behind Alcoholics Anonymous. In making this film, Dan and Kevin visited over two dozen archives and private collections and interviewed over 75 people during the eight years they worked on Bill W. For some time, we have looked forward to bringing these two filmmakers to Rebellion Dogs Radio. If you’re inspired to see the documentary, from listening to their interview, we’ll hook you up with links et al. 

Jackie B. (San Francisco, CA), historian and playwright, had her hands full as committee chair for the Fifth Symposium on A.A. History. We talk to between the end of the February weekend symposium and the opening of the tenth anniversary of her first recovery play, In Our Own Words. Jackie’s plays have been enjoyed from AA Conventions in San Antonio (2010) and Atlanta (2015) to black box theaters and county jails. Some attendees of the Toronto International Conference of Secular AA in the summer of 2018 could tell you that Jackie is one of the leading historians of under-served populations in A.A., having done primary research on early LGBTQ, people of color, young people and women in the fellowship. Her presentation in Toronto was considered a highlight to those in attendance.


Buy, watch on demand or see the trailer for Bill W: The Creative Force Behind Alcoholics Anonymous CLICK HERE

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From the AA History Lovers Symposium page you can buy individual presentations or the whole collection for $20 (for MP3s).

On this show we talk more about Dr. Earle M's Physician Heal Thyself: 35 Years of Adventures in Sobriety by an AA ‘Old-Timer’ 

Here’s a gem from the book on p. 203 

 “All of my life I yearned to meet someone who would simply hear me—not advise me, not criticize me, not even agree with me—just hear me. And my listening, nonjudgmental friend does just that. Being heard this way makes me eager to tell more. And my friends know that through really listening, he or she will connect with me. So, he or she listens to me with even more intensity. 

And the two of us connect through the art of listening.”

See an interview with Dr. Earle CLICK HERE

From the Album Canary in a Coal Mine, we heard from Tomato Tomato, the Kite Song. Like to add it to your playlist? Apple Music, Band Website

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