Rebellion Dogs 43 Practical vs Supernatural Recovery + Parenting Teen Addiction 

Episode 43 of Rebellion Dogs Radio says: Relieve the February Blues with February Twos, February 2019's books of interest and subject matter for this episode:

Killing The Bear: Surviving Teen Addiction by M. Andrew Tennison

Staying Sober Without God: The Practical 12 Steps to Long-Term Recovery from Alcoholism & Addiction by Jeffrey Munn





Click to find out more about the band Sleepless Nights - This band brought us the finale song, "Kids on Drugs."

And our mid-way song by Tokyo Taboo has a dark side of addiction pang to it that  we are sure you're recognize in the song: "No Pleasure Only Pain." "

We talk in this Episode about Rebellion Dogs most recent contribution to, "Is AA Too Religious for Generation-Z?" Click to read

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