Happy Joyous and Free We Agnostics in Atlanta 2015 

The 2015 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous will be held July 2 - 5, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia with the theme "80 Years – Happy, Joyous and Free." 
A.A. members and guests from around the world celebrated A.A.'s 80th year with Georgia Dome meetings held Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Jay S., who runs the Sedona Mago Retreat that Rebellion Dogs will be at September 18 to 20, told me that what he liked about it was that it was more of what AA is like around the world than polished conference speakers. There were panels for LGBT, Native (aboriginal) Americans, Young People and Seniors in Sobriety. There were meetings in different languages and meetings for people from specific professions.  There was a HAAM (Amateur) Radio broadcaster and ASL (Deaf) hospitality suites. There were hotel rooms where you could greet and meet members from different regions from around the world.
There were panels about sexual intimacy in recovery, varieties of spiritual experience, prayer under pressure, We Agnostics, and pain. We asked “Are we reaching minorities in AA?: and we exclaimed, “We Know Only a Little.”
Diggins, Mike and Jeff tell share their experience of AA for skeptics/doubters in, what has become a regular quinquennial feature, the “We Agnostics” panel. That’s what we have for Episode XVI (16). We got this recording from www.aa.org where you can find panels and speakers for a modest price ($8 for a CD, $5 for an mp3 and some package deals). We encourage you to help yourself to some random selections.

Want more? Here's a 17 minute bonus track. The last speaker on the last panel speaker on the last panel of the weekend was John K (who I've quoted on Rebellion Dogs before). His subject was "We Know Only A Little." You can buy the whole panel discussion from aa.org but you can listen to this segment for free. He talks about the danger of dogma. In his talk we hear a blast from the past; Bill W. from Toronto in 1965, celebrating 30 years of AA shares on something you will all find fascinating.
WE KNOW ONLY A LITTLE from Atlanta 2015, AA's 80th anniversary.

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