In Conversation with Historians & Writers Jackie B. and William G. Borchert 


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Because failing to understand our history damns us to repeat it, Episode 23 of Rebellion Dogs Radio is delighted to invite, to our show, two recovery writers/historians. Both have researched AA history; both have found a creative and entertaining way of bringing the past alive.

Jackie B. is a playwright. Glenn Chesnut, author/historian/professor says, “Jackie B is one of the best recovery historians of the new generation and a master storyteller.” Jackie's most resent Recovery Works production is Our Experience Has Taught Us: A Sensational History of the Twelve Traditions. What a crafty idea; while many of us feel it is worth every AA's while to learn about history, sitting through a Tradition Study meeting is not on the bucket-list of many of us. So why not entertain people? This play entertains and educates.

If William G. Borchert isn’t a half-way household name, his works sure are. William wrote the screenplays to My Name is Bill W. (1989), staring James Woods as Bill W. and James Garner as Dr. Bob and When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story (2010) staring Winona Ryder. Having written 1000 Years of Sobriety (Hazelden), the stories of twenty members with fifty or more years of sobriety each, William Borchert's latest book is more personal. This story is about how families are impacted by both addiction and recovery and it's called, How I Became My Father: A Drunk

So we are delighted to share these conversations with these historical writers to share about their own recovery journey and life as writers.

Links to William G. Borchert CLICK HERE

Link to Jackie B's Recovery Works Theater CLICK HERE

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