Rebellion Dogs 43 Practical vs Supernatural Recovery + Parenting Teen Addiction 

Episode 43 of Rebellion Dogs Radio says: Relieve the February Blues with February Twos, February 2019's books of interest and subject matter for this episode:

Killing The Bear: Surviving Teen Addiction M. Andrew Tennison

Staying Sober Without God: The Practical 12 Steps to Long-Term Recovery from Alcoholism & Addiction by Jeffrey Munn


We will have more links and more things to say coming early February, but go ahead and listen to two authors about two book and two band all in less than one hour. Enjoy


Click to find out more about the band Sleepless Nights - Find out more about Del Suelo "The Musician's Compass: A 12 Step Programme."

We talk in this Episode about Rebellion Dogs most recent contribution to, "Is AA Too Religious for Generation-Z?" Click to read

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