Rebellion Dogs Radio: Rebellious look at Hisotry with Bob k (January 2016) 

We've got a metric tonne of content that we've worked on since our last show in December 2015. Episode 20 will offer a sample of what we want to share with you.

Bob k, author of Key Players in AA History is our guest today. We're delighted to chat with this next generation of addiction/recovery historian. Many key players in AA history aren't in AA and Bob brings us perspective and context in terms of how Twelve Step culture didn't evolve in a vacuum.

March 4th - 6th will be the History Symposium of AA at Sedona Mago Retreat. Does that name rings a Tibetan singing bowl? That's where we hosted, "An Atheist & a Theologian go on a 12-Step Call together." This time it's more like Spring Break for AA Geeks. This isn't a bowing at the alter of 164 pages; there will be presentations of Marty Mann, LGBTQ and people of color in AA, Lois Wilson, Bill Wilson - psychic to psychedelic, AA in the armed forces and how this brought AA to new international frontiers, one-on-one with Ward Ewing, I do a presentation on unbelievers in AA and more. So if you're a geek like me, pack your sunscreen and we've got details.

I'll be talking about the insatiable appetite of atheist/freethinker groups in AA. I'll borrow Roger C's notes from his recent presentation in Olympia Washington, January 16th,Widening the Gateway: Overcoming Barriers to Joining the AA Family. I also have some research material on two other topics: For 40 years GSO has wrestled with meeting the fellowships need for agnostic/atheist literature by AA agnostics and atheists; "We Agnostics" International has had the stage at AA's World Convention since 1995 and we'll be doing for ourselves again in Austin in November 2016.

We give thanks and celebrate a modest milestone. Rebellion Dogs Publishing is pleased to announce that Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life is now found on 5,000 bedside and coffee tables, smartphones and eReaders. While it would take seven times this accomplishment to make up 1% of the addiction/recovery daily devotional marketplace, we're not in it to change the game. We wanted to meet a previously unmet need. And while no one at Rebellion Dogs is giving up their day jobs, we are grateful and humbled. Many people have recommended Beyond Belief, wrote reviews and told people who told other people. It takes a community to raise a child and it takes a community to nurture a DIY (Do It Yourself) book by an indie writer. Thanks so much.

Give us time and we'll post a transcript but we wanted to get the audio up and as always, steam it, download it, share it and feel free to offer your feedback. For a transcript of Episode 20 CLICK HERE.

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  • Jon S

    Jon S Brighton, England

    Wonderful interview, Bob. Please do more. Great message. Depth and weight!

    Wonderful interview, Bob. Please do more. Great message. Depth and weight!

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