Sounds of recovery from the Washington Monument, Amy movie and more  

Episode XVIII of Rebellion Dogs Radio catches up on Fall 2015 news. We were in Sedona Mago Retreat for a weekend of An Atheist and a Theologian go on a 12-Step Call Together. We visited Washington D.C. for Unite to Face Addiction October 4th. We look at the 2015 documentary on Amy Winehouse, now available on DVD and Blu-ray and we give you a sneak peak into what we're working on for the next show: Punk Rock singer, Jack Grisham has over a quarter-century of being clean and sober and his new book, A Principle of Recovery is a straight up, refreshing - yes, polite - no look at the Twelve Steps + wait, there's more.. comedian, poet, musician Richard Lett will be our guest next go around so we give you a sneak peak from his one-man show, "Sober but Never Clean."

Do you want some reading as well as listening?

In Recovery Magazine was nice enough to print an article I submitted that was a tribute to a mentor of mine, Ernie Kurtz. I devoted a show to his legacy a while back. The void left behind by Ernie Kurt is of course worst for his closest loved ones. But to the rest of us who knew him more by his body of work than as husband, brother or home-group member, he was one of a kind and many of us have to pick up our game a little to try to make up the ground lost without Ernest Kurtz. Visit In Recovery Magazine and look for the cover with Tommy Rosen on the front. Ernie’s on page 100.

For the Amy Whinehouse story, an interview with Rob Lowe and more, check out Renew Magazine.

To buy the Amy movie for yourself or a friend, visit the Rebellion Dogs bookstore HERE

Transcript coming soon.

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